Queue Dynamics

A one-day seminar for operations and customer service managers

(Banking, health, utilities and related industries)


DATE: Thursday 25th January 2018 (8am to 5pm)

VENUE: The Hilton Hotel, Nairobi

COST: KSh25,000 + VAT per person


BOOKINGS: Mail@MungaiKihanya.com

Queues are everywhere! In banks, in hospitals, in supermarkets and so on. They frustrate customers and demoralise staff. It is therefore in everybody’s interest to control them. But that is only possible if everybody understands the dynamics behind queues.

This workshop elaborates the dynamics of queues in simple practical terms. It shows participants the key factors that influence the queue lengths and demonstrates how a little extra effort can go a long way in achieving shorter waiting times. Conversely, it also demonstrates how a little laziness can dramatically increase the queue.

Detailed Contents:

Why manage queues? How long queues affect...

o     Customer care

o     Employee motivation

o     Security & Safety

 Understanding queues

o     Arrival & service processes

o     Queuing discplines

o     Behaviour of queues - a practical demonstration

The key parameters of a queue

o     Queue Length

o     Queuing (waiting) time

o     Time in the system

o     Queue data collection techniques

Analysing the dynamics of a queue – a simplified but realistic model

o     How does turn-around time relate to service rate?

o     How arrival rate and service rate affect length of the queue

o     How the queue length relates to the waiting time

Strategies for managing queues – turn-around time is NOT everything!

o     Determining the optimum queue length – it's all about waiting times

o     Determining the optimum service capacity

o     Faster workers Vs more workers: which is better?