Let me help you improve...

I believe that there is always room for improvement; that our human spirit thrives on the desire to continuously improve ourselves, our surroundings and our activities. This is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. I believe that it this desire to improve that makes the difference between "living" and merely "existing".

Learning new skills and finding better ways of conducting our daily affairs is one way of fulfilling this desire for continuous improvement. My mission, therefore,  is to help people learn.

I spend a lot time observing and studying how people carry on their activities. Through a combination of reading, reflection and visualisation, I seek ways in which these activities can be improved. I then package my thoughts, observations and ideas into short, one-day training seminars.

I don't teach! Teaching is covering the given content within the given time whether the audience understands or not. I focus on learning. I strive to help people understand using different methods until it is all clear. In the process, I also learn and improve my skills; this invigorates my spirit and I come alive!